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Mardi 22 Avril 2014

trac du circuit Catalunya

Du 22/04/2014 au 24/04/2014




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Message de l'organisateur

Fame and Honour
Three-day Race Training offers riders the full panoply of racing: free practice, qualifying, and all the thrill of racing across different classifications. These sessions are ideal for advanced amateurs with plenty of race track experience. Come and pit your wits on the track against other advanced riders and enjoy a friendly get-together in the paddock.
Training takes place in four groups, depending on the level of ability. Race Training is frequently used by professional teams for testing, so if you participate in one of their sessions you will get to rub shoulders with masters of their profession – and pick up some handy hints along the way from real motorcycling experts. Of course, you also get to take part in races (8-14 laps). So these sessions are not just about fame and honour, though if you’re lucky you could ride off with one of the coveted Speer Racing cups – having had plenty of fun in the process. If you’re a racing professional or are participating in motorcycling championships, results from this training do not, of course, go towards professional rankings.
Our Race Training sessions are ideal if you just want to indulge in motorcycling at its best in a safe but challenging environment. These sessions are not suitable for beginners or race track novices.

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