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Lundi 28 Juillet 2014

trac du circuit Brno

Du 28/07/2014 au 30/07/2014




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Message de l'organisateur

From rookie to racer in 72 hours
The Rookie Camp lasts 3 days and takes place during the Brno racing week. At the camp, Speer Racing offers intensive beginners’ courses for aspiring racing enthusiasts. The camp is ideal for all racing enthusiasts with previous racetrack experience who can handle high performance bikes safely.
Apart from time on the track, the Rookie Camp includes comprehensive instruction, including racing theory, instructed turns in small groups, video analysis and everything you need to grow into a fully fledged racer.
By the end of the 3-day Rookie Camp, you will have a solid grounding in the theory and practice of racing, arming you to go on and become the next Speer Racing champ!

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Speer Racing

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